We have a five-point approach to ensure that care given to residents is of the highest standard.

We understand from research that nutritious food and drink is essential to good care. That food is fundamental to the quality of life and for many older people can be critical to their health and well-being.

We will ensure our catering staff get to know your food choices and preferences including ethnic, cultural and faith ones. Any special diet will be recorded in your care plan and communicated to staff.

You will be offered a daily menu that reflects your preferences. The menu will vary according to your comments and feedback and will always contain fresh fruits and vegetables. A copy of the menu is displayed daily.

If you are unable to say whether you are getting enough to eat or drink, staff will keep an eye on this for you. If there are concerns staff will explain them to you or your representative. With your agreement staff will take any action needed, such as seeking advice from a dietitian or GP.

Your meals will be well prepared and presented. You are free to eat wherever you like, you will have snacks and cold drinks whenever you like, and staff will regularly review anything that may affect your ability to eat or drink to promote your health.