We have a five-point approach to ensure that care given to residents is of the highest standard.

We provide dementia care in a safe and supportive dementia friendly environment. People living with dementia have the opportunity to move around safely in our homes based on risk assessments to promote independence and well-being.

Our homes have defined areas with signage that is clearly worded and pictorially illustrated for way finding, orientation and safety.

We understand the importance of access to outdoor activities for exercise and relief from tension and anxiety. Being outside gives the opportunity for stimulation from natural smells, sounds, colours and textures. Our homes have private, secure gardens with easy access and pathways so that people can enjoy the outdoors and improve their sense of wellbeing.

Our homes are subjected to dementia audits; our staff have training in dementia and our Activity Co-ordinators are Dementia Champions. They understand that dementia is much more than simply carrying out practical tasks.

It’s about creating an environment free from restrictions, triggering favourite memories and providing access to outdoor spaces. We use reminiscence therapy, memory boxes, distinct colour schemes including painted handrails, tactile sensory panels, personal photographs and music therapy to promote participation and prevent social isolation.